Absolutely Massive

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Absolutely Massive is a slang phrase commonplace throughout Wyoming Catholic College culture. it has spread in usage to all classes at the school. Few know what the phrase means, why it is said, or exactly where it originated, but it has become such a key topic of student interest at the school such that two seniors' theses and orations were on the questions of "Whether Absolutely Massive Constitutes in Itself a Meme" and "Absolutely Massive: the Prototypical Statement". One sophomore chose "The Political Effects of the Absolutely Massive" as the subject for his political speech. However, its most famous usage comes from senior theses of the Class of 2020 as a whole, all of whom inserted the phrase "absolutely massive" into their diverse theses.

This popular phrase originated with the illustrious Benjamin McCullough at the 2019 PEAK session 1. Samuel Doran quickly adopted the phrase and introduced it to the class of 2020 This phrase became so popular with the class of 2020 most of it's members added it into their thesis in some way.

School officials know about the spread of the phrase through the school community but are so unconcerned about any culturally demeaning effects from the phrase's usage that some even helped seniors add it to their theses in relevant ways and fashions.

Here is an absolutely massive example of text to show you a little slice of what the fullness of absolute massness looks like.