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All-School Seminars are held once each semester at Wyoming Catholic College. All students, faculty, and staff are given a short reading pertinent to the mission of the college and are divided into seminar sections that mix all the classes for a seminar discussion led by selected seniors with staff and faculty members present for the conversation but in a more advisory role. Attendance is mandatory for all students. The fall's seminars are held on a repeating basis, with three fixed readings, Owen Wister's The Virginian, St. Benedict's Rule For Monasteries, and Josef Pieper's Leisure the Basis of Culture held on a three-year cycle. Readings are shorter and more variant, however, for the spring semester's seminar.

Master Couple Chart

Example Seminar Chart: "Master Couple Chart"

The Student Life Office divides students, faculty, and staff into groupings or sections of between ten and twenty students for the seminar. Contrary to usual school protocol, which sees close friends and dating couples separated from each other in regular class sections, seminar groupings usually have close friends, couples, and siblings placed together. This usually creates some humor as students often draw in the "connections" on printed out copies of the seminar chart, something that has earned the section chart the moniker of "Master Couple Chart".