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In light of Wyoming Catholic College's mission to educate the whole person, it evaluates applicants as whole persons, without undue emphasis on any particular component of the application or on the applicant’s academic credentials only. WCC instead gives special attention to the overall fit between the applicant and the College as well as to the aptitude and character traits demonstrating the likelihood of success with our challenging course of study.

Application Requirements

The online application form is available on WCC's website or may be requested from the Admissions Office by email or telephone. A complete application consists of the following parts:

Application Form

The application form and processing fee: Full instructions for completing the form and all related application components are found on the form itself. The processing fee of $50 is waived for any completed application received by December 1st. This form requires a self-evaluation of fitness for the three-week Freshman Expedition and contact information for two references.


One three-page essay: The essay topic may be chosen from the questions listed on our application webpage. Applicants should give great care to completing, proofreading, and presenting their essays. The essays must be the applicant’s own work, with minimal advice and suggestions from others. The Admissions Office may request additional writing samples or may seek to evaluate the applicant’s writing ability in other ways. (For those students who qualify for a Merit Scholarship, this entrance essay will be evaluated to determine their scholarship level.)


Official transcript(s) of all schools attended: Official high school and college transcripts are issued by the school, with a seal and signature. For applicants registered with an established homeschool curriculum, an official transcript from the curriculum provider is adequate. Other homeschooled applicants are to submit information, signed by a parent, about the curricular materials they used, listing the subjects, major texts, and grades.

Standaried Test Scores

Standardized test scores: Wyoming Catholic College requires SAT, ACT, or CLT score reports sent from the testing companies directly to the Admissions Office; please visit,, or to request scores. Our code numbers are 4748 for the SAT and 5001 for the ACT. Applicants who take the ACT must take the ACT Writing Test. Score requirements: Although we do not have a set minimum requirement for SAT, ACT, or CLT scores, these scores are an important part of the overall evaluation. In our experience, scores above the 50% percentile in each subject area are associated with an ability to succeed academically. The average composite score for the Class of 2020 was 1756 for the SAT (previous version) and 28 for the ACT.


Interview: When all the items listed above have been submitted, the Admissions Office will contact the applicant to arrange a telephone or Skype interview.

Additional Requirements

English Proficiency

The language of study is English. If English is a second language for the applicant, the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) must be passed.

Educational Prerequisites

Wyoming Catholic College admits as regular students only individuals who have a high school diploma or its recognized equivalent or are beyond the age of compulsory education in Wyoming.

Due to the wide variety of schools and homeschooling curricula, Wyoming Catholic College makes no specific course recommendations. Nevertheless, the College expects incoming freshmen to have studied a standard curriculum of preparatory studies, including literature, grammar, American and European history, natural sciences (including biology and chemistry), a foreign language, and mathematics up to algebra 2/trigonometry. (While calculus and physics are very helpful, they are not a necessity.) Applicants should demonstrate an ability to write well, as the College puts a premium on excellent writing.

After Acceptance

Commitment of Enrollment

After the applicant is accepted into the College, he or she reserves a place in the freshman class by signing and submitting a Commitment of Enrollment accompanied by a $500 deposit, which will be credited against tuition and fees.

Vaccination Records or Waivers

During the enrollment process, the applicant shall submit doctor-signed immunization records showing vaccination dates for measles, mumps, and rubella after 15 months of age, or serologic evidence of immunity. The College also requires a tetanus shot within 10 years prior to the start date of the summer expedition. Applicants with medical or ethical objections to vaccinations may request waiver forms from the Registrar.

Physical Examination Form

The Physical Examination Form is to be complet ed and signed by a doctor, physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner after examining the applicant. This form must be completed and submitted no more than 8 months, and no less than 2 months, before the August start-date of the summer portion of the three-week Freshman Expedition described in the “Outdoors Curriculum” section of the Catalog. An applicant who receives medical clearance for the summer expedition will be considered likewise fit for the other outdoor components of the curriculum. An applicant who is denied medical clearance cannot be enrolled into the College. (The Physical Examination Form will be emailed to the applicant by the Registrar after receiving the applicant’s Commitment of Enrollment.)


Wyoming Catholic College employs a modified rolling admissions policy. The Admissions Committee meets regularly to consider and render decisions on all applications that have been received since the previous meeting; qualified applicants will be accepted in the order in which their applications were received and completed. This being so, the sooner an application is submitted, the better the chances are of enrollment. The applicant will be notified immediately upon acceptance by the Admissions Committee. Applications are evaluated beginning September 1 of the year prior to the year of intended enrollment. Various dates are often given as deadlines for enrollment for a particular year. While your chances of getting in to the school improve the earlier you apply, there is really no exact cut-off date and many students apply and commit to attending WCC only days before the beginning of the three=week Freshman Expedition

Early Decision Option

High school juniors who are intent upon attending the College may submit an early application by June 1 of the summer between junior and senior year to participate in the Early Decision Option. This requires a full application, excepting standardized test scores, and attendance at the PEAK Summer Program during the same summer. Pending notification of admission, students are expected to submit their Commitment of Enrollment before September 15 of their senior year. The benefits include (1) one application for both PEAK and for admission, (2) early notification of admission, (3) waived standardized test scores (pending 69 Wyoming Catholic College excellent performance at the summer program), and (4) early invitations to the Founders’ Scholarship Competition.