Art 302: Music in the Western Tradition II

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Art 302: Music in the Western Tradition II is the first part of the Fine Arts curriculum that students encounter at Wyoming Catholic College and is a continuation of the first semester's introduction to music theory, meaning, and history, delving deeper into musical history and the moral and cultural effects of music.


Much of the second semester of the music curriculum is dedicated to the aesthetics, morality, and spirituality of music, and the relationship between music and the other arts. This semester continues the study of music history with major figures of the Classical, Romantic, and Modern periods.

Works Used

  • Art 302 Reading Packet
  • Plato, Laws, selections from The Republic
  • Berquist, “Good Music and Bad”
  • Mozart, Requiem
  • St. Pius X, Tra le Sollecitudini
  • Ratzinger, “Music and Liturgy,” “The Image of the World and of Human Beings in the Liturgy and Its Expression in Church Music”
  • St. John Paul II, Letter to Artists
  • Benedict XVI, Address to Artists
  • Bloom, “Music” from Closing of the American Mind
  • Tindal-Atkinson, “The Music of a Dead Culture”
  • Storck, “Mass Culture or Popular Culture”
  • Selected works of great music

Typically Taught By