Bake Crew

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Some of the tasty creations of the WCC Bake Crew

Bake Crew is the name given to the student employees who prepare donuts and pastries each day at Wyoming Catholic College's dining hall Frassati Hall for both students there and for public sale at school-owned and operated Crux Coffee. Crux opens at 7am most days, so donuts and pastries must be baked before then, so Bake Crew employees work beginning at 5 am. Shifts typically run to 8am or whenever finished and Bake Crew employees operate one rotating schedule during the school year, each working either three or four days a week.

Currently, Bake Crew typically has a staff of eight although only a few work each day due to the rotating schedule and has been headed by junior Janelle Witzaney since 2019. Previously Bake Crew was headed by WCC legend Michael Rose.