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The Bear-O-Dactyl is a mysterious creature officially classified as a "terrain difficulty." Not much is known about it by IIT researchers at present.


There is one recorded appearance of the Bear-O-Dactyl, chronicled by IIT,[1] in which the creature harassed the Lander community in late 2019. After flying over the town, it was last seen headed towards Sinks Canyon.

Two fragments of prophecies from the local Arapaho and Shoshone tribes offer some possible insight onto the creature. The first, said to have originated in the 19th century, is as follows:

In form and moving how bounding and terrible. In action how like a hawk, in apprehension how like a man. The terror of the Tetons, the hunter of men.

The the origin of the second is currently unknown, though IIT's recently created Department of History and Myth is working on uncovering its source. It was discovered very recently , though it is suspected to be much older than the former. It runs thusly:

Do you not see what a beast I am, how huge, how splendid / and born of a furred father and the mother who bore me prehistoric?