Bear Fence Boys

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Logo of the Bear Fence Boys (from the podcast by that name)

As of the end of the 2019-2020 school year at Wyoming Catholic College, there are three different accounts of the name "The Bear Fence Boys." It can refer to certain semi-formal task force that existed within one of the WCCLEs of 2019, a certain friend group mostly consisting of freshmen, or a podcast of the same name.

The Original Task Force[edit]

The first known use of the term "Bear Fence Boys" was during the 2019 Freshman Expedition. It was a task force invented by WCCLE 5. This squad consisted of a handful of guys who settled into a habit of setting up the bear fence almost every day of the expedition. This practice continued to the point that the I-Team sometimes had to command them to desist, in order that the other members of the WCCLE wouldn't forget how to actually operate the device.

Its Reincarnation[edit]

After the WCCLE returned to Lander, as school started a distinct group emerged. It mostly consisted of guys from the freshman Section 200, as well as then-sophomore Timothy Dominick, who had been a part of the original Bear Fence Boys. Because a couple other people in the friend group had also been some of the original Bear Fence Boys, the friend group as a whole was sometimes referred to by this name.

The Podcast[edit]

In March of 2020, two freshmen began recording a podcast, naming it the "Bear Fence Boys." One of them had only been a part of the second group with this name, but the other had been a founding member of the original task force.