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Bruce Lindsay is a cowboy, backwoodsmen, and vigilante head of the secretive Last Man Movement, which takes its name from the political movement of the same name in the southeast Asian nation of Ragaan to which Bruce is theorized to be connected in some manner. Very little is known about Bruce, which may not even be his real name, but he has claimed to be from Montana, to be a former rancher from that state, and to be an outdoor enthusiast "of a certain and precise sort".


Bruce, according to IIT intelligence, spends most of his time patrolling from the shadows of the Wyoming wilderness with his resistance movement the Last Man Movement against the criminal operations of the Mountain Mob, Binsebal, and Italian Mafia-connected organizations. He also works to thwart the efforts of varying terrorist and anarchist groups to set-up bases of operation in Wyoming. His work often includes raiding and interfering with supply deliveries for criminals operating in the Wyoming backcountry while spying and funneling intelligence on their operations anonymously to certain allied groups and (sometimes) law enforcement.

In this respect, Bruce appears to be the top-man of his own work, but some at IIT suspect that he secretly works for scientist-engineer, and rising political power player around the world, Richard Polinski and his secret band of organizations.


Only sighted on rare occasions, Bruce fully wears the persona of a Montana cowboy when he lets himself be seen, as is specifically evidenced by his top quotes.

Top Quotes

  • “Right on.”
  • “Darn Liberals”
  • "I should'a known the one with the ___ face was from California."
  • "Well, that would be it for tourism out here."


2019's WCCLE 4 came across Bruce Lindsay during the middle of their Freshman Expedition in the Absaroka Mountains of Wyoming and had a brief conversation with the man, accompanied by an incredibly well-set-up camp, his wife, and several horses. Their conversation dwelt mostly on current American politics, as well as the destination and journey of the WCCLE leading to little being actually discovered about the mysterious man.