Camille Callaway

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Camille Callaway

Camille Callaway is a junior of the Class of 2022 at Wyoming Catholic College. Originally from Texas, she is a major power player in her class, formerly was the head of Breakfast Crew from 2019-2020, led the 2019 Sophomore Dance, and is running Dolce Ice Cream Shop for the school over the summer.


Cami originally was introduced to the school through the Absolutely Massive community of WCC-related people in central Texas in 2016. Her brother Jerry went to the school in 2016, and interested Cami enough with his stories of the Class of 2020 to persuade her to come to the Founders' Scholarship competition in the fall of 2017. Needless to say, Cami was persuaded and has since persuaded a younger sister to come the following year into the Class of 2023.