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File:CAN orthographic.svg
Supposed location of Canada

Canada is a nation supposed by many to exist to the north of the United States of America. However, its supposed existence, which had been supported by only nominal and highly questionable evidence was thoroughly and firmly debunked by a Thomistic article written by WCC's Dr. Michael Bolin. No nation of Canada thus actually exists, and while it remains an open question whether there is any land to the north of the United States of America, such land, if it is there, must be governmentless and mostly uninhabited.

Several members (actually two) of the Wyoming Catholic College Class of 2022 claim to be from Canada but have not yet provided any proof to their claim to be from such a non-existent country.

Alternately, "Canada" is a nickname for Anthony Witzaney, brother of Janelle Witzaney and member of the Class of 2024, affectionately given to him by Briggs Fontenot.