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The Wyoming Catholic College Class of 2023 comprises 49 members as of August 2020. It's greatest cultural influence on the school so far in its first year has been in the introduction of long-boards as a means of transportation around campus. Some freshmen involved in starting this question claim they have been discriminated against over their use of such devices by those who claim they are "un-community-enhancing" but long-boards have seemed overall to be slowly attracting the school as a whole in the direction of greater intellectual diversity.

The Class of 2023 just prior to their Freshman Expedition in August 2019

The Class of 2023 also hosts the farthest journeying student yet to attend WCC, who hails from Ireland and is the school's third international student.

Their patron saint, who was canonized during the class's first semester at the school, is St. John Henry Newman.


The first members of the Class of 2023 commited to attend WCC in October 2019 and the class now holds the school record for the latest commitals, with two students committing to attend less than a week before the Freshman Expedition and one less than two days before he had to arrive in Lander for it.

Conspiracy Theories

Several conspiracy theories have been raised about the Class of 2023, from a suspicion that half of them are secretly siblings and relatives of Ruth Kress to suggestions that some of them are spies placed by school administration to spy on upperclassmen. The biggest conspiracy theory raised by observers and commentators, however, is that there are no conspiracies with the class, that they are totally normal, something "which is too preposterous for most to accept" IIT commentator Sophia Donaldson has said.


Because the Class of 2023 introduced longboarding as a means of transportation on a large scale to Wyoming Catholic College they face criticism over the negative effects of this activity observed upon the WCC community.