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Curfew at Wyoming Catholic College is a requirement that all students be in their apartment or dormitory by a certain stated time each night. Curfew is typically 10:30 PM on nights followed by class days and midnight on Friday/Saturday nights and any others not followed by a class day. Curfew is enforced in each dorm by prefects, who check each room to ensure everyone is present before beginning a nightly communal Night Prayer. Anyone who is not present in the dorm before the end of the sung "Salve Regina" is considered late and liable to a fine or other punishment at the prefect's discretion, something which usually ends up being the required purchase by the late individual of donuts for the rest of the dorm's members. Students are required to be within the dormitory or apartment, its porch(es) or immediate environs (although not necessarily to sleep) until 4:00 AM in the morning, although the lifting of curfew in the morning is not as strictly enforced.


A nightly curfew has existed at WCC for all of the school's existence and serves several purposes. First and foremost is safety, with the school thereby having all students present and accounted for each night. Secondarily, community life is enhanced within each dorm, particularly of the Carterian kind by the requirement that the entire dorm is gathered in one place at a specific time each night. Thirdly, checking curfew gives prefects a chance to build meaningful interactions with their dorms' members, providing a key and expanded link between upperclassmen and underclassmen that might not otherwise arise naturally. Finally, although it is not officially stated in any school documents, the provision of donuts and fines from students who are late to curfew helps hungry students out by providing them with frequent, free, and delicious snacks while reducing pressure on the school's foodservice offerings.


On some rare occasions, such as when an all-school event such as a dance or other similar gathering, prefects may, at their discretion, give curfew extensions to all or some dorm members. Similarly the lock-up crew of Super-Flex is given an extension for the times when they are actively working at curfew and students working for school catering events can also request similar extensions.

Sometimes, prefects also allow some students, at their own discretion, to study in an adjacent dorm for a determinate amount of time should certain conditions be met.

Prefects themselves are exempt officially from curfew regulations, but from a social-status standpoint must nearly always conform. For if a prefect him/herself is late to curfew, its a social faux-pax so Absolutely Massive as to risk their being deposed from their position.


From a study conducted during the 2019-2020 School Year, approximately 98.4% of students make it to their dorm before curfew on average each night, with the 1.6% who do not typically among a small group of people who miss curfew an average of once every 11.2 days.