David Tardiff

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David Tardiff

David Tardiff is a sophomore at Wyoming Catholic College of the Class of 2023. Originally from Rhode Island, he has one of the greatest numbers of relatives at WCC of any student, with close relatives including Margaret Johnson, Juan Diego Torres and reportedly several others that IIT intelligence has not yet confirmed. David is incredibly interested in moose, is a member of the John Paul Terneus board game society of which most of its members are his current roommates. He is also a crucial member of the WCC Central Command team.

Famous Quotes

  • “Buzzards have heads that are pinkled and wink.”
  • “There was tape on the table so I put it on my arm. Cause and effect.”
  • "Did y'all know roasting marshmallows can be done more effectively on an electric stove than in Frassati's fireplace? If you don't believe me, ask the moose."
  • “I found a purple moose deep in the woods…”
  • “If I ever invent a game, flaming marshmallows will be in it.”

Favorite Quotes

  • "The beauty of a horse is surpassed only by that of a moose. Well, a horse is the most impressive animal in size, stature and virtue, that is common to man, we must look towards the uncommon, the rare, to see true beauty. Moose are larger, less used to humans, and are potentially more dangerous than a horse. It is these attributes, plus the fact that they are seldom sighted by the common man in the wilds, that form together to create a creature of sheer beauty and wonder. But a wise man knows how to see the creature in His creations. God made horse for our use and, like the moose, so that we can see His glory in them."
  • "Just off the road, you spot a man furiously boring into the earth. As you approach, he silently beams a smile, hands you a shovel, and, before you realize what's happening, you too are digging holes."