Death Star

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Book XII, Proposition XVII a.k.a. the "Death Star"

The Death Star is a nickname for Proposition 17 of Book XII of Euclid's Elements, the construction of a solid inscribed within a sphere whose sides do not touch a smaller sphere located within the larger sphere and about the same center. It is called the Death Star because of its distinctive similarity to the planet destroying superlaser armed battle station.

Students at Wyoming Catholic College learn, memorize, and present the proposition as part of Math 201: Euclidean Geometry II in their sophomore year and the proposition is usually scheduled right after the fall Outdoor Week, making learning it somewhat of a crunch.

Though to be the most difficult of Euclidean propositions in the book and the longest by length, it is actually not necessarily so as some of the constructions of the perfect solids in Book XIII of the elements take somewhat longer usually and are thought by some also to be more difficult.

Past students who have presented the proposition include: