Dorm Raid

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A Dorm Raid at Wyoming Catholic College is a form of inter dorm conflict and warfare in which typically one men's dorm attempts to force its way through the central hallway of another such dorm. Most raids typically occur at night following curfew, are preceded by an official announcement of the intention of the dorm to raid. Victory is achieved by getting more than half of one's dorm members through the other dorm and/or one's own prefect. Individual rules used by each dorm may vary, however, and are usually a point of contention and argument following the raid. St. Athanasius Dormitory is the most common perpetrator of dorm raids, but St. John's Dormitory is the dorm most commonly raided.

Members of the Sister Dorm of each dorm involved in a raid sometimes come and "watch" and cheer for their brother dorm from the sidelines outside.

Dorm Raids Among Women

Women's dorms typically do not engage in dorm raids. They have been attempted several times, but the aftermath of each is typically less than friendly and leads to several weeks of anger and retributive pranks by each dorm.