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Dr. Mark Johnson is an engineer/researcher/tinkerer for the technology and research organization Exploritech, which employs relatives of many Wyoming Catholic College students. Mark is the uncle of current WCC junior Margaret Johnson and related to several other current students, most notably Peter and David Tardiff.


Originally from the US East Coast, Mark took an interest in science and technology from a young age, longing to go to the moon in his younger years, to join the Space Program in his teen years, and to become a "Mission Impossible meets Tony Stark meets Elon Musk" in his adult years. Mark studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, graduating in 1979 Magna Cum Laude and earning a doctorate degree in advanced systems engineering in 1984 from whence on he went to work for Lockheed Martin's Skunk Work's projects division for several years before patenting his first invention, a working, albeit somewhat inefficient jetpack in 1988, something that launched him on a more strictly inventing career as he also developed a new heat resistant super-plastic, selederacinium in 1991.

In 2000, Dr. Johnson struck out on his own with the founding of Exploritech, an all-around "hyper-advanced" engineering, invention, exploration, and development firm that allowed him to fulfill his dreams of exploring and uncovering the earth's mysteries while developing the tools to do so. Exploritech specializes in advanced experimental products, aircraft, vehicles, and materials engineering although many of its projects are though to involve top-secret classified work for the US Military. Exploritech now has grown to several thousand employees and has centers in Colorado, Indiana, and Sneedville Tennessee.

Major inventions/projects of the firm include a walking troop carrier some have compared to Star Wars' ATAT Walkers, a near-silent flying drone that is also partially invisible, and reportedly biomedical research involving nanotechnology.


Mark has seven children is married to Elizabeth Johnson and lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, near Exploritech's primary headquarters.


Dr. Mark Johnson is often compared and contrasted to and against inventor Tom Swift of Swift Enterprises fame who also is, strangely enough, connected to Wyoming Catholic College as the second cousin of junior Kathy Swift