Dr. Tiffany Schubert

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Dr. Tiffany Schubert

Dr. Tiffany Schubert is a Teaching Fellow for Humanities and Trivium at Wyoming Catholic College.


Dr. Schubert earned her B.A. in English from Hillsdale College and spent a year in South Korea teaching ESL before attending the University of Dallas for graduate school. During her time at UD, she studied philosophy, politics, and literature, and taught classes on the classical and Christian epics, on grammar, logic, and rhetoric, and on the history of the liberal arts in the Middle Ages. She also taught composition at Brookhaven Community College for two years. At Wyoming Catholic College, where she began teaching in 2018, she teaches in the trivium and humanities tracks.


In her research, Dr. Schubert explores the way the narrative structure of Christianity, particularly its happy ending, affects the structure of both medieval romances and the modern novel. She also works on the intersection of literature and philosophy, on what the literary convention of the happy ending can reveal about happiness itself. Her main focus is Jane Austen. She has published two articles in Persuasions about Northanger Abbey and Emma and is currently working on a book about the medieval language and structure of Austen’s novels. She is also interested in the relationship between the liberal arts and happiness.


In her free time, Dr. Schubert enjoys reading P.G. Wodehouse, swimming, baking, playing soccer, and singing in choir.