Dr. Travis Dziad

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Dr. Travis Dziad

Dr. Travis Dziad is a teaching fellow for Theology, Leadership, and Outdoor Education at Wyoming Catholic College and the first graduationg student from the school to come back and teach as a full professor.


WCC Student

Travis Dziad attended Wyoming Catholic College from 2009 to 2013, serving as a prefect from 2011 to 2013 and graduating as part of the school's third graduating class. While at the school he featured in several of the school's Latin "Colloquia Personarum" Videos based on Colloquia Latina, a companion to Hans Orberg's Lingua Latina Latin curriculum.

Further Education

Travis Dziad completed his Masters in Theology at the International Theological Institute (Gaming, Austria), before completing his course work for a PhD in Theology at Ave Maria University. In 2017–2018, he was the Residential Dean and a founding faculty member at St. Martin’s Academy, an all-boys boarding school in Fort Scott, Kansas. Additionally, he has led many of the College’s outdoor expeditions (to date, he has instructed the Freshman Expedition six times).

WCC Professor

Dziad returned to Wyoming Catholic College, along with his wife and daughter, to teach theology and ELP in 2019. While at WCC, Dr. Dziad has hosted his students at his home for weekly discussion and community Open-House evenings.