Elias King Naegele

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Elias King Naegele

Elias King Naegele is the assistant director of admissions at Wyoming Catholic College.


A native Virginian, and the third of a rambunctious brood of eight, Elias first pursued his love of all things wild to Wyoming following his graduation from the University of Virginia. After a time spent guiding doctors, lawyers, and business executives on snowmobile and ATV tours in the verdant valley of Jackson Hole, Elias returned eastward, where he taught lower school Natural History, and middle and upper school math at The Avalon School outside Washington, D.C. Still scratching the interminable itch of the untrodden path, he trekked up the coast to help found Sparhawk Academy, an all-boys liberal arts school in the Boston suburbs, with an emphasis on green time and the development of a healthy sense of freedom and responsibility. Yet while the ancient Appalachians were never far off, the craggy peaks of the west continued to call, as did the desire to further the mission of a college that fully prepares young men and women to enter the world with a diverse toolkit, an adventurous spirit, and the will to seize life by the horns. Elias is a firm believer that there is no cap on one’s education, especially when it comes to building an engaged and informed populace. He enjoys reading, dabbles in writing, and if not readily available, has likely ditched the screen and is off on another adventure with his trusty Irish Setter pup, Rosie (who looks forward to meeting every visitor to the College).