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Finals or Final Exams occur at the end of each semester at Wyoming Catholic College and typically last for one week, which is known as "Finals Week". Students are typically given at least one day off after regular class finish for the semester to use as a reading and studying day and then have one final exam per day throughout the week. Depending on the professor and course, finals can vary from three-hour written exams, including multiple-choice, short-answer, essay, and quote identification questions, to oral exams taken one on one with a professor, to group seminars in which a group of students are judged in their individual abilities to carry on a conversation, with occasional direct questions, about what was learned over the semester. Not all courses have final exams, with some having papers in and around finals week instead or longer quizzes (but not finals per se) instead.


Sometimes finals week overlaps two weeks, as running perhaps, from a Wednesday through to the following Tuesday. This, well appreciated, when it happens, gives students an additional day in the middle of finals for studying.

Student Life

Curfew during finals week is usually extended until Midnight most nights, while quiet hours are required at all times in most school buildings to allow students better chances at studying than they would otherwise have. Usually, students become far more serious about studying than they are at other times in the year, with the communal pressure from everyone constantly studying everywhere around oneself helps to self-reinforce drive, determination, and focus in each student.