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Free or Freedom at Wyoming Catholic College is an equivocal term which may refer to one of several things under several senses under which it is said.

Freedom from Curfew

Some students refer to staying in Lander during Outdoor Weeks as an experience of freedom at its simplest, best, and most "per se" sense. For while the rest of the school community is absent in the backcountry (and more and more frequently frontcountry) there is no enforced curfew in the school dorms. Therefore many people consider these times to best example the transcendent idea of freedom inasmuch as there also is little to no schoolwork or anything else that must be done of necessity in these time.

Freedom of Goods

Others perceive that free is best and most properly used with respect to the goods of others. Things are best in this view when they belong to others but are used and consumed as if they were yours. This view has led to many accusations of socialist behavior against certain students who, using it, use other people's belongings in a "free for all" manner.

Freedom from Grades

Many professors dream of and discuss often with their students about some future day in which grades will be no more, in which as Professor Washut has said, "some mighty Achilles will free us from the oppressive world of grading." This day, however, has not yet come, unfortunately, with the closest approach anyone can make as of yet to true grading freedom being reliance upon "The Curve".

Other Uses

Free may also refer to free donuts, free gear rentals, free shuttle rides, free ice cream from Dolce, free coffee and burritos from Crux Coffee and any other goods or services which a Wyoming Catholic College student can often obtain for free.