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Freshman year at Wyoming Catholic College is epic and exciting. Immersion is the key operative term, as students entering the WCC community are dumped into the wilderness in the Freshman Expedition, immerse themselves in scripture in Theology, read the famed Greek epics in Humanities see more of the beauties and intricacies of nature in Field Science, and began Latin in a completely immersive environment. All this and the fact that you're new makes freshman year one of the most exciting, deep, and transformative years at the school as the student starts to realize just how much he doesn't know.

Here are the classes offered by semester:

First Semester[edit]

Class Typical Professors Credits
Humanities 101: Ancient Greece I Dr. Baxter, Professor Washut 3
Philosophy 101: The Tools of Philosophy Dr. Olsson, Dr. Zepeda 3
Theology 101: Salvation History I Dr. Holmes, Dr. Lasnoski 3
Field Science 101 Dr. Zepeda, Dr. Grove 2
Latin 101: Beginning Latin I Magister 3
Trvium 101: Writing Truthfully Dr. Schubert 3
Freshman Expedition Dr. Zimmer 3

Second Semester[edit]

Class Typical Professors Credits
Humanities 102: Ancient Greece II Dr. Papadopoulos 3
Philosophy 102: Philosophy of Nature Dr. Zepeda, Dr. Grove 3
Theology 102: Salvation History II Dr. Holmes, Dr. Lasnoski 3
Math 102: Euclidean Geometry I Dr. Zepeda, Dr. Olsson 3
Latin 102: Beginning Latin II Magister 3
Horsemanship or Gymnopoetics Mr. Clement or Dr. Tonkowich 2 or 0
Winter Trip Dr. Zimmer 1