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Gymnopoetics, or often more formally, the Introduction to the Poetic Mode is a required but ungraded freshman or sophomore course at Wyoming Catholic College that aims to introduce students to the art of living out their liberal education, embodying it, so to speak, in domestic life. The Great Books and Great Ideas, poetry, music, art, and the rest are not merely museum pieces intended for elevated study. They are also meant to be viscerally encountered and lived out as part of a truly human culture. This cultural embodiment does not happen solely or even principally at higher levels of societal influence, but first and foremost it is realized in local community and “around the hearth.” The Odyssey ought to be a story told at dinner, and reciting lyric poetry a delightful way to pass the time while sitting with friends. Therefore, the course helps the students reflect more deeply on their life of leisure at WCC and offers them a chance to practice various gymnastic and musical past times, with the goal of more and more filling our life with such activities, both here at the College and beyond. To that end, the course is led not only by faculty, but also WCC staff and their families. In either the second semester of their freshman year or in the first semester of their sophomore year, students participate in these activities for one semester as a requirement for graduation.

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Although one of the easiest courses at WCC, some students still often don't pass it as attendance at sessions is mandatory and some students don't seem to see that and treat it worse than ELP... In order to avoid half of a class failing out over a course that won't affect their GPA at the school (no credits), but is still nonetheless required, the school plans to introduce tutors in the coming 2020-21 school year to aid in assisting students in meeting the requirements of the course.