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James Green

James Green is a junior at Wyoming Catholic College and a co-founder (along with Everett Polinski) of the organization Irkutsk Ice Truckers and its subsidiary Irkutsk Ice Truckers News. Originally from Georgia and growing up in Indiana, James is head of the Baldwin Crew, interested in reading, running, and writing, and was a member of the infamous WCCLE 5 in 2018. He heads up his class's quotebook (current edition) and holds the current school record for losing the most roommates. James is a member of St. Leo's Dormitory, a nascent Outdoor Leader, and was homeschooled through the Mother of Divine Grace Curriculum.

Top Quotes

By James

  • “Please tell me my dad’s not Canadian. Please tell me my dad’s not Canadian.”
  • “Don’t worry, sometimes I make up quotes and put them in the quotebook.”
  • “Do you have a field science family?”
  • "PDA in the molecules."
  • “I don’t want some classmate writing all about me on a website or something.”
  • “What, I can’t look at other people’s sections on Blackbaud? I don’t like this already.”

About James

  • “Don’t say the “QB” word in front of James Green… it triggers him.” - Blaise
  • “I’m glad containment has made you even more spicy than James 1.0.” - Dr. Baxter
  • “James is apologizing already: it’s gonna be a long morning.” - Dr. Grove

Contact Info

James can be contacted at james.green@irkutskicetruckers.com, at Janelle's table in the Baldwin Building, around the building or walking off somewhere with a confused and probably very tired looking expression on his face.