Junior Leadership Project

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The Junior Leadership Project is an experiential requirement of the ELP 301 course which aims to put students into a real leadership position within the WCC community. Examples include students being a prefect, being supervisors in their Work-Study position, being an Outdoor Leader, teaching CCD at Holy Rosary. The project is required to take at least six hours to complete and is followed by a reflection paper about the experience and what was gained by it. Students are evaluated by a chosen mentor before and after their experience to assist them in measuring their leadership abilities as well as growth in leadership skills attained through the project.

Example Projects


  • Outdoor trips for faculty/staff families (e.g. canoe trip, rock climbing, rappelling, etc.)
  • Run kayak roll sessions at the pool
  • Lead Latin immersion day trips (hiking, rock climbing, caving, etc.)
  • Run an Adventure Race in Sinks Canyon
  • Trail building in Sinks Canyon


  • Teaching dance classes for Sunday Night Dancing
  • Teach Irish Dance (or ballet, etc.) to faculty and staff kids
  • Run an Open Mic Night
  • Run a monthly classic movie night practicum at a professor’s house


Project Forms