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Kyle Cllement

Kyle Clement is the director of the Horsemanship program at Wyoming Catholic College, an assistant to exorcist Fr. Chad Ripperger, and an internationally acclaimed speaker.


Kyle, a trained lawyer and graduate of Western State University is also an international speaker, presenter, and clinician on Horsemanship, low stress livestock handling, harmonious management of livestock and wildlife, regenerative and sustainable Ranching practices, Ranch Horse Association of America judge, American Quarter Horse Association Ranching Heritage Breeder, as well as a certified Livestock and Equine Appraiser and a case assistant analyst for exorcist Fr. Chad Ripperger.

The Blessed Mother began calling the Clements to WCC, through the request of Bishop Ricken in 2004, to “ pray for the establishment of a Catholic College in Wyoming”; this call was answered in full with their move to Lander in 2019 where Kyle and his wife now head the WCC Horsemanship program.