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Latin Reading Groups are one-credit intermediate to advanced Latin courses at Wyoming Catholic College taken by juniors and seniors and typically involving the reading, discussion, and sometimes translation, of various Latin texts. The only courses at WCC where students have choices available to them, several are typically offered each semester and each student must complete at least two, one of which must be during there junior year.


Students continue their study of Latin through the directed reading of an influential Latin text. Each semester, students are free to choose from several groups, covering various authors, genres, and periods. Students must complete two directed readings in their upperclassmen years but are welcome to participate in more. At least one of these classes must take place during the junior year.


  • Disticha Catonis
  • Winnie Ille Pu
  • Euclid's Elements (in Latin)
  • Poems of Horace
  • Medieval Latin Stories

Typically Taught By