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Colloquialisms in use in Wyoming Catholic College culture vary from created words like "duovocation" to phrases like "absolutely massive" and sayings like "Help, Please Somebody Help". Here is a list of common colloquialisms used at the school as recorded by Irkutsk Ice Truckers investigators from the 2019 to 2020 school year.


Belaytionship: (noun) The “platonic” relationship between a climber and belayer. - Climbing groups

Belayatable: Understanding a person’s feelings or essence due to a similar experience. - Climbing

Dilemma: (noun) The act of forgetting how to do a lemma

Don Ragg'd: (verb) Having undergone Don Rags.

Duovocate: (verb) To equivocate between two possible accounts of a word. (Related: Duvocation, Duococationally) - Andrew Russell

Exestence: (noun) Said of God, the one “thing” that is Him, His existence, and His essence. This word was conceived to treat originally of the unity of essence and existence in God.

Family: A close association of random people with no causal principle … that we know of. - Ruth Kress

Flex: (verb) To send a broken item to Flex for repair, hopefully as a last resort. - Anna Schubert

Frickus, a, um: (Latin - adjective) No definition can be given without as Hanna says, “James cover your ears.” - Andrew Russell

Frutilitarianism: (noun) A state of perfection bridging the gap between utility and the “for its own sake” when considering the ends of things. - Andrew Russell

Isberty: (noun) 1) The inability to define a nonexistent word. 2) A tangent of Grovian proportions. 3) Something unreal that someone has convinced themselves is real. (Related: Isberting: the act of convincing yourself that something is real)

Lowlights: (noun) The boring, unnecessary, and unimportant parts of a book.

Mom: (noun) The head of a WCC Family, typically of similar age and incidental relationship to those whom she calls her children or more often, who call her “mom”.

Nalgenity: (noun) The specific word for the essence of the nalgene, so critical to a full life at WCC and the perfection of our human natures. Nalgenity is used philosophically in what our sensitive powers incidentally apprehend when seeing the varying accidents of different particular nalgenes - Andrew Russell

Objective: (adjective) All things which Omnisciens says

Omnisciens: (noun) 1. William Albers, a WCC junior 2. Zach Lee, a WCC sophomore (this second usage is considered highly equivocal by most scholars)

Oopsus: (exclamation) No translation needed

Precollect: (verb) Analogous to recollection, the action or faculty of remembering something that is “futurus”, that is about to be at some future time. Related to the idea of prophecy but in accord with a more scientific reasoned fact - Andrew Russell

Quote Studying: (noun) To pretend to study for certain higher purposes

Spicy: 1. (adj.) Pertaining to or describing a situation as participating in an immaterial form related to dating relationships. 2. (adj.) Describing or predicting the quality of awkwardness upon a situation, relationship, or object of intellectual apprehension - Matthew Kubisch and John Malinoski

Subjective: (adjective) All things said by someone other than Omnisciens.

Umbratican: (noun) A person, specifically at WCC who participates so completely in the academic life that they are rumored to be a pure immaterial form. - Magister

Yangsty: (adjective) 1. To be unappreciative of formal teaching styles. 2. To be angry over ELP homework

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