Math 102: Euclidean Geometry I

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Euclid's Elements, the primary text used in this course

In Math 102: Euclidean Geometry I students study Books I–VI of Euclid’s Elements, which pertain to the science of geometry. Special attention is given to the basic definitions, axioms, and common notions that are given in the beginning of the work, not only in their role as principles of the science but also as they serve more general discussions about the nature of mathematics and its relation to the physical world.

The purpose of the course is the contemplation of quantitative entities in themselves. We do not directly aim to apply the truths about these entities to practical application or other sciences. Even so, the study of Euclid’s Elements immerses students in the application of the logic that they have studied formally, and it lays a necessary foundation for any further study or application of mathematics.

Materials Used

  • Euclid, Elements

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