Math 201: Euclidean Geometry II

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Euclid's Elements, the primary text used in this course

Math 201: Euclidean Geometry II continues with Books XI–XIII of Euclid’s Elements, completing the geometrical works with a treatment of solid geometry and the method of exhaustion, and culminating in the investigation of the five Platonic solids. Building on this foundation, the course then engages the works of Apollonius and Archimedes on conic sections and approximation.

The famous Death Star proposition as well as the quite difficult constructions of the perfect solids, all of which must be learned by students outside of class to be presented within make this a quite difficult and time-consuming course.

Materials Used

  • Euclid, Elements
  • Selected readings from Apollonius, Archimedes
  • Polya, How to Solve it?"

Typically Taught By