Math 202: Mathematical Reasoning

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Courant's What is Mathematics, the primary text used in this course

Math 202 continues the study of mathematics with an investigation of number theory and various attempts to unify the study of discrete and continuous quantity. From here, students move on to consider Descartes’s analytic geometry and, with the idea of function and limit, fundamentals of the integral and differential calculus. Analytic geometry further allows for the investigation of several problems left unsolved by the ancients (e.g., doubling the cube) which, in turn, raises important questions about the nature of mathematics and axiomatic reasoning. This conversation continues through several philosophical readings on the nature of mathematics, including its relationship to natural science and metaphysics. Students sharpen their math¬ematical reasoning skills and develop problem-solving techniques through frequent exercises throughout the semester.

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Materials Used

Courant and Robbins, What is Mathematics?, Oxford University Press, 1996.