Michael Gribowskas

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Michael Gribowskas

Michael Gribowskas (Nickname: Gibby) is a sophomore at Wyoming Catholic College of the Class of 2023. A proud member of Super-Flex from the beginning of his freshman year, Michael grew up in Wyoming and moved to Lander in the summer of 2019. A member of WCCLE 5: The Redeemed, Michael enjoys football, hiking, and random delinquency (fun stuff around town). He is also a member of St. Athanasius Dormitory and a crucial component of their Dorm Raid strike team.

Notable Quotes
  • "I never thought I'd be eating sunbutter and wannabe goldfish on the border of Yellowstone National Park."
  • "To get roids you have to eat the toids."
  • "Aw BISQUIK!"
  • "This paper is buns and I need to make it less buns."
  • "I say buns too much! It's a problem!"
  • "Can chickens eat schloop?"
  • "Look they're eating. Wow! One just died! Nature!"
  • "Wahmen drink wauter."
  • "I know the alphabet sometimes."