Music at Wyoming Catholic College

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Every student at Wyoming Catholic College takes a year of music courses as part of the curriculum. However, besides this, and a large choir with two schola groups, there are also numerous student-led and organized music-related activities and events in addition to much singing and musicality at a spontaneous and community level. Most WCC music is of the folk genre broadly speaking with Irish Folk (introduced by the Milligan Family) and American Folk (introduced by graduates of St. Gregory's Academy) among the most popular particular genres.


Several groups of students have formed music groups and bands which have stayed together for numerous years including for some after graduation as well as performing at numerous events both on and off-campus. Most prominent among these are Soul Butter, the Wildabrats, and Christopher Carter.

Dorm Singing

Prefects usually lead their dorms in weekly singing events under the Brother/Sister Dorm relationship scheme. Each dorm also usually has its own musical character with many students playing music and singing on porches and around campfires.


Besides group/band compositions many WCC students have produced original pieces of musical composition.