Nathan Licciardi

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Nathan Licciardi

Nathan Licciardi (Nicknames: Nate/Hawaii) is a junior at Wyoming Catholic College of the Class of 2023. Nathan, just like his brother Braden, originates from a military wayfarer family and has lived at times most notably in Hawaii, which he calls home though he presently lives in Texas. Nathan, like most students at WCC, was homeschooled, and particularly through the Mother of Divine Grace curriculum. He can often be found wearing island attire around campus. Nathan came to WCC in 2019 at the same time as his older brother Braden Licciardi.

Nathan is "dope as frick" according to Thomas Sponseller and enjoys climbing, longboarding, and mountain biking in his free time. He is part of the elite and prestigious longboard crew.

Notable Quotes
  • "Maybe I've just been a heretic for a really long time."
  • "We studied how the things do the things that the things do."