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Prefects are Wyoming Catholic College's security enforcers, leaders of dorm life and all-around leaders more generally. Upperclassmen selected for their commitment to the school's principles as outlined in the Student Handbook, they check curfew each night, enforce dress code, lead dorm singing and other activities and "drive underclassmen around if they own a car" (at least according to Patrick Young).

Most prefects are selected at the end of their sophomore year and can serve up to two years as head of a dorm. Prefects are not directly paid but perform their duties as a substitute for Work-Study and receive compensation in the program's "Excel-Crypto-cash"

Although proposals for reforms aim to make them more directly elected, prefects are currently selected by the Student Life Office and school Chief Financial Officer Paul McCown upon good behavior and can be removed at McCown's word or upon a two-thirds vote of the Student Life Office staff.


Prefect positions and responsibilities at Wyoming Catholic College have been modeled after precedents set by Thomas Aquinas College (TAC). Founded at WCC of course along with the college, the first two prefects here were chosen as freshmen in the school's first class and included the now famous Jonathan Rensch. Since then their numbers have grown to 10-11 each year, with one assigned usually to each dorm.

Recently (Spring 2020), innovations have been developed in the process and are currently in a beta-testing stage including the first prefect-subcontractors, half-prefects, and dormless prefects.

2020-21 Prefects[edit]

Name Dorm Prefect Since
Matthew Kubisch St. Leo's Dormitory 2020
Andrew Russell St. Isaac Dormitory 2020
Joseph Maxwell St. Benedict's Dormitory 2020
Eastlyn Ullmann St. Scholastica Dormitory 2020
John Henry Gleason St. Athanasius Dormitory 2019
Joseph White St. John Dormitory 2019
Ruth Kress St. Theresa's Dormitory 2020
Bernadette Syversen St. Joan's Dormitory 2020
Grace Klein St. Agnes Dormitory 2020
Kathryn Boucher St. Kateri Dormitory 2019
Theresa Liebert St. Gianna Dormitory 2019


Prefects' primary responsibility is to ensure students are safe in their dorm at curfew time. However, they are also the primary enforcers of the student handbook's codes and regulations for the student body.


Prefects are typically selected from amongst the rising Junior class at the school when they are finishing up their Sophomore year. Students can nominate others to be prefects, but the ultimate decision is made by the Student Life Office

Famous Prefects[edit]

Famous past prefects at WCC include:


Prefects are often accused of enjoying their power and position within the school community given to them by being prefects.