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Pseudo-Dating is one of the most complex of relationships that are commonplace within Wyoming Catholic College (WCC) culture. It usually constitutes two people who have all the appearances and accidents of dating without actually possessing the form of dating essentially. As IIT commentator Jeremiah Davis Smith describes the "notorious pseudo-dater.": "Pseudo-daters are characterized by all the same signs as the dater except they are “not dating.” In other places, these types of people are known as Creepy. Only Creepy people (and Freshmen girls) hold hands with someone they’re not dating. Pseudo-dating actually makes up the majority of dating observed at WCC according to several research studies conducted on the subject. However, almost none of those observed to be pseudo-dating admit to be doing so.


While pseudo-dating is likely to have existed in other times, places, and contexts before the existence of Wyoming Catholic College, it was first formally recognized there in a 2011 school Student Life Office report around the time of the school's first graduating class. Little noticed then, it took unit the advent of the Class of 2021 for it to become fully flowered sometime around 2018 with members of their class social club known as The Legion the most easily recognizable serial pseudo-daters even today.