Science 302: Scientific Reasoning II

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Science 302 Scientific Reasoning II: Inductive Reasoning, Probability and Statistics is a junior-level course at Wyoming Catholic College and the second semester of scientific reasoning. Through the course students will continue to explore developments in scientific methodology, focusing now on inductive reasoning and its mathematical expression in probability and statistics. Students learn the essential role of probabilistic reasoning in science, the degree of certainty that can be based on such arguments, and how these arguments are different from but compatible with the reasoning we employ in other disciplines. Throughout, students regularly return to the natural world to apply these principles. Students come to see that scientific reasoning opens the door to new discovery, more profound understanding, and greater love for the natural order.


  • David Hume, An Inquiry Concerning Human Understanding (selections)
  • Fisher, “The Mathematics of a Lady Tasting Tea”
  • Laplace, Philosophical Essay on Probabilities (selections)

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