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Section 400 was the name assumed by one of the Freshman Sections of the Class of 2023 in the 2019-2020 School Year. In the first semester it was Section 300, and in the second semester it was Section 100. It was notable for its excellence in classroom discussions, as well as its members exhibiting the never-before-seen phenomenon of "section patriotism."

Distinguishing Features

Substantial Differentia

The most widely accepted theory for the cause of the section's unique character is that the section was mostly composed of the majority of the star students in the Class of '23. If they even think about it, most assume that this happened because whoever assigns students into sections simply had no prior information whereby to "balance" the sections. To IIT analysts, however, it seems highly unlikely that a section so explosively excellent could be made entirely by chance.

Other Unique Features

Dr. Grove

Section 400's most concrete difference from the other sections was that it a different professor than the others in certain classes. In Philosophy 101, they had Dr. Bolin whereas the others had Dr. Zepeda, and in both Field Science 101 and Math 102 they had Dr. Grove while the others had Dr. Shephard. This is most likely because Elizabeth Shephard, Dr. Shephard's daughter, was in this section.

While not the origin and cause of Section 400's unique character, Dr. Grove's personal eccentricity certainly helped make the section what it was.


In Philosophy 102, Section 400 learned about the pre-Socratic philosophers and their ideas. The section latched onto some ideas the philosophers had of what ultimate existence was, and over the course of time they developed into a sort of pantheon. The idea of such a pantheon was solidified when certain of the pantheon's members were invoked for aid in other classes besides philosophy.

The Pantheon:


In Dr. Grove's opinion, this was probably the greatest sign of the section's unity, the fact that the section had a history, with events being named and remembered. Notable among such events are Anthony's Golden Pants Day, Texas Independence Day, and the infamous Mardi Gras Massacre.

Roles and Titles

In the course of its existence, certain members of Section 400 were bestowed with official titles. These differed from nicknames in that the titles were accompanied by actual responsibilities.

  • King of France/The Gadfly
  • Iris

Zechariah Lee

Usually, a section's character is bound up with its most dominant member. This was the case in the first semester, with the dominant student being Zechariah Lee. However, by the second semester, other students began to find their footing and not so much oust Zach from his throne as bring the section to the high-performance level that gained it its reputation.

Other Names

  • The Mardi Gras Veterans
  • Sweet Caroline Fan Club
  • Disciples of Zechariah
  • The Adjunct Army of the Republic of Texas
  • The Centurions
  • The Powerhouse
  • The Swooners
  • The Good Shepherds