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The central business district of Sersent, the capital and largest city of the Southeast Asian nation of Ragaan
Ragaan (green with red outline) in Southeast Asia. Sersent is in the southeastern corner of the country.

Sersent is the capital of the Southeast Asian nation of Ragaan. With a population of 3,441,100 (as of 2015) it is located in the southeastern corner of the country on the shore of the Gulf of Thailand. Sersent, named after the third king of the Kingdom of Ragaan (reign: 1740-1762) was founded in 1797 as a new capital of the country, which previously had its capital in various interior villages. Sersent became a moderately thriving trading port for the region over the next century. With the coming of the communistic Ragan-Dala regime when it established the so-called "People's Republic of Ragaan", Sersent was renamed "Ragaan City" but it regained its original name in 1995 with the Republic of Ragaan and the Tenth Islands gaining power.

Sersent presently is again a trading port for the country and region as well as a growing hub for international air traffic at Sersent Fathers International Airport (IATA Code QSET) located ten miles outside of the city.