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Sophomore year at Wyoming Catholic College is often thought to be depressing. Well, that's not entirely true, maybe sophomores just feel like they're feeling the blues without actually feeling them. Maybe it's because they're often referred to by/with the color blue. Maybe its because the year, especially first semester, can be intense, quite intense, and for some a big shocker after the somewhat relative ease of the second semester of freshman year. Whatever it is, sophomores are often, let's just put it, weird.

A lot happens, perspectives change, students come out of class every day with a new existential crisis and they finish the year not really knowing what they know or if they even know at all. But a lot is "learned" though how it happens, if there's freedom in the act of learning, in any act of all, or whether freedom is an end in itself that can be used for persuasion in political rhetoric are all a bit up in the air, or on the whiteboard. It's a lot, an absolutely massive amount of it, and it's awesome and amazing, and confusing and depressing, and all that at once. Not in the same way as all accidents are united as one substantially in God.... but... you get the idea...

Here are the classes offered by semester:

First Semester[edit]

Class Typical Professors Credits
Humanities 201: The Roman Order Dr. Papadopoulos 3
Philosophy 201: Philosophy of Man Dr. Grove 3
Theology 201: Mystery of the Trinity Dr. Holmes, Dr. Dziad 3
Math 201: Euclidean Geometry II Dr. Zepeda, Dr. Olsson 3
Latin 201: Intermediate Latin I Magister, Magistra 3
Horsemanship or Gymnopoetics Mr. Clement or Dr. Tonkowich 2 or 0
Experiential Leadership (ELP) 201 Dr. Zimmer, Dr. Dziad 1

Second Semester[edit]

Class Typical Professors Credits
Humanities 202: The Medieval Vision Dr. Baxter 3
Trivium 202: Political Rhetoric Dr. Virginia, Dr. Papadopoulos 3
Theology 202: Creation and Providence Dr. Holmes, Dr. Dziad 3
Math 202: Mathematical Reasoning Dr. Zepeda, Dr. Olsson 3
Latin 202: Intermediate Latin II Magister, Magistra 3
Experiential Leadership (ELP) 202 Dr. Zimmer, Dr. Dziad 1