Sovereign Nation of Lazikistan

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Interim (and only) flag

The Sovereign Nation of Lazikistan was an oligarchy enclave nation located entirely within the state of Wyoming in the United States. Founded in September 2020 and headed by the Council of 6, it once controled the majority of the natural resources at Wyoming Catholic College. Its military was headed by Briggs Fontonet and the majority of its national efforts consist in "claiming" various parts of the school's property by placing stickers on them. Its immigration control services have produced an extremely complex citizenship application which Benedict says is actually "a pretest."


In October 2020, Benedict assumed near total dictatorial powers over the nation, leading to revolts, a declaration of war against the nation by one of its citizens (aided and abetted by Irkutsk Ice Truckers). This led to the effective dissolution of the nation by the end of October although no official end to the nation has been noted by any major news sources.