St. Isaac Dormitory

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Dillon Vista Apartments, a section of which comprises St. Isaac Dormitory

St. Isaac Jogues Dormitory is one of Wyoming Catholic College's newest dormitories. Located at the Dillon Vista Apartment complex, it opened to students for the fall 2019 semester it is named after either St. Isaac Jogues or St. Isaac Anthony Reynolds. Its current prefect is Marc Landry, Andrew Russell for the coming year and it can accommodate up to twenty-four students at full capacity in three apartments holding three people each and three holding five each.


Housing at Wyoming Catholic College has varied from year to year. While individual semi-modular student housing units on the property of Holy Rosary Catholic Church have been used since the school's beginning, various other buildings have been used as temporary dormitories.The Dillon VIsta apartments began being rented and used by the school in the Fall of 2019.