St. Leo's Dormitory

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St. Leo's is one of Wyoming Catholic College's six upper dormitories adjacent to Holy Rosary Catholic Church. With eight rooms and capacity for sixteen students, its current prefect is Matthew Kubisch and its sister dorm is St. Agnes.

Leotards, as its residents are called, are typically among the most experimentative of WCC students. The dorm most famously was home to Sebastian in 2017 and holds the highest ranking among school dorms for the quality of its residents' stereo systems.

Herbert the Benevolent, Beneficent God of Temperance & Self-Mastery, the local spirit who dwells in St. Leo's


Prefects of St. Leo's:

Prefect Name Year
Paul Milligan 2017-2018
Nicklaus King 2018-2019
Abel Cunningham 2019-2020
Matthew Kubisch 2020-2021