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The Student Life Office (SLO) at Wyoming Catholic College plans, directs, and implements all events, activities, and institutions affecting a student's life at the school. It also oversees regulations, policies, and rules and, with the help of prefects, enforces them.


The Student Life Office at WCC was modeled upon a similar system in place at Thomas Aquinas College since its inception. Jonathan Tonkowich was the first Student Life Director (SLD) and the current director is Colin McCarty (Funcle).


Currently, the Student Life Office has a staff of four including director Colin McCarty. Other employees include Mary Hagested, Hillary Halsmer, and Joseph Fredriksson. Students John Malinoski, Cecelia Wiesner, and Isaac Gibson also assist the office in various functions while a student representing the student body to the office known as the Student Life Representative will be introduced in the near future.


The Student Life Office is responsible for the administration of just about everything on campus that's not strictly academic. Even in the "absolutely massive academic sphere", however, the office arranges class schedules and sections in collaboration with faculty and the Academic Dean.


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The Student Life Office oversees all matters involving rooming at the college, including roommate requests and assignments, dorm selection and upkeep.


Transportation to and from Lander, Wyoming is arranged through the Student Life Office at the beginning and end of each academic semester.


All special events, dances, radiation, etc. are coordinated and enacted through the Student Life Office.


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Although some coordination is made with other departments and department supervisors at the school, the Student Life Office is the nominal head of the work-study program and responsible for assignments, oversight, and correction, although timesheets are turned in to the financial office.

Disciplinary Committee

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Members of the Student Life Office, along with other professors, make up the Disciplinary Committee which votes on student punishments, including expulsions from the school for serious violations.


The Student Life Office also produced annual yearbooks, sometimes arranges for purchases of equipment, furniture, and tools, and in general administrates.


Due to its incredible power, many people say that the Student Life Office plain and simply "runs the school". No one at the office has officially denied it yet.