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The Super-Flex Super Team at Wyoming Catholic College is a maintenance and upkeep team for the school run by Michael Sheehan and Work-Study students during the school year. With a staff typically of six, they inspect and service the school's fleet of vehicles, stock supplies around campus, repair and replace damaged equipment across campus, move furniture, shovel and remove snow in the winter, and lock-up buildings across campus each night, a function for which they are sometimes known as WCC Security.


Six members are typically employed throughout the school year with highly variable working hours, going along with their name, "flex", but equalling about ten hours a week, as with other work-study positions. There is only one woman on Flex. Tradition has it that if she starts dating another member of the crew, she or that other person have to be kicked off Flex. Dating within the crew is not only frowned upon, but not allowed. Andrew Matthews and Anna Klein are currently the two student supervisors of the Flex team while Matthew Curley, Michael Gribowskas, Thomas Curley, and Matthew Davidson are the other four members of the current team.

Flex is typically the highest rated work-study position for job satisfaction and one of the most in-demand teams for students to apply to join as part of the program.

Famous former members of Flex include:

T-Shirt and HAT

One of the special benefits of working on the Flex team is a special limited edition t-shirt that is given to each member and monogrammed with their name.

If a member graduates while still on Flex, he/she will receive a special hat with the WCC logo on its brim. Only members of Flex get such a hat, for they are quite rare.


Each summer a Summer Flex Team is typically hired, also of about five to six people, and performing similar functions, although on a more full-time basis.