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Terrasim spacecraft in orbit around a distant world

The Terrasims are a spacefaring race of humans who developed space flight technology and left earth before the Great Flood. Either a special Divine intervention or some natural factor on Earth prevents them from returning there, so the Terrasims usually remain in deep interstellar space. Little is known of them and their technology, although their aims, to destroy Earth or at least its humans, are known to the few cognizant of the Great Interstellar Situation. The Terrasims have apparently established contacts with other intelligent being in interstellar, and possibly intergalactic space, their primary contacts being the ephemeral civilization known as The Masters. Although they can not physically return to the Earth, they exhibit some influence upon human events through contacts and support given to factions including the terrorist organization League of Guardians of Lan Vilma, although it is not clear how they are actually able to make such contacts and provide them technology and support.