The Real

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The Real may refer to any one of a number of things at Wyoming Catholic College, all, nevertheless related under the principles of abstraction and extrapolation so as to imply something greater than any events, circumstances, or experiences typically denominated as belonging in or referring to the everyday life of the average man.

Chris Carter's "The Real"

To seniors of the Class of 2021, especially Christopher Carter, "the real" is something that ought to be discussed and considered at all times and circumstances. It is something greater than the visible, some sort of experience of things more as they are than what one, even with perfect senses, would perceive them to be. Chris's conception of the real is tied up within his larger thoughts about life and living, a philosophy known as Carterian Community Life.

Dr. Baxter's "The Real"

On another hand of sorts, according to WCC humanities professor Dr. Jason Baxter, "the real" is an internal experience reached through philosophical and moral perfection. Location-wise, it is on the hypouraniun plane of which Plato writes in the Socratic dialogue Phaedrus. But to get there, however, one must learn the Greek story by Dr. Baxter's help and also take the course The Medieval Vision from him in order to have hope of, one day, perhaps in the second semester of senior year, or perhaps later in one's life receiving a spark of the mind, a St. Augustine at Ostia moment that will give you a glimpse of this greater reality.