Theresa Ramsay

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Theresa Ramsay

Theresa Ramsay is a sophomore at Wyoming Catholic College of the Class of 2023. A proud Texan, she is the living embodiment of the State of Texas at WCC, the most patriotic Texan at the school, and one of the chief proponents their of Texas Independence Day. Winner of the Spring 2019 Founders' Scholarship at WCC, she formerly participated in Speech & Debate, strongly believes that the Wife of Bath killed her fourth husband, and proudly said "it was officially confirmed by the Math assessment that I am not the worst at Math at the school." Theresa was also a key member of the famous Section 400 from 2019 through 2020.

Famous Quotes

  • “My future children will weep on my behalf when I tell them about Zoom.”
  • “Socrates was actually pleading insanity, but we lost that part of the Apology.”