Timothy Dominick

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Timothy Dominick

Timothy Dominick is a senior at Wyoming Catholic College of the Class of 2022 and a former member of WCCLE 5: The Redeemed. He is suspected, but unconfirmed of being the school's Average Muslim Liturgist and is head Sacristan for the Byzantine Rite at the school with Fr. David Anderson. Many are suspicious of him having a prominent role in "The Family". Hailing originally from the Midwest, Tim is an Outdoor Leader at the school, a major proponent of wearing bandannas as headbands, and a former member of the performance trio Two Souls and a Heel which performed strikingly at the 2019 Freshman Dance.

Sightings of Timothy haunting the hallways of the Baldwin Building making weird chicken noises have been reported.

In February 2022, Tim took over the position of prefect of St. Isaac Dormitory.

Notable Quotes
  • “At least we can have some civility here.”