Two-Oceans Pass

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Two Ocean's Pass

Two Ocean Pass is a mountain pass on North America's Continental Divide, in the Teton Wilderness, which is part of Wyoming's Bridger-Teton National Forest. Two Ocean's Pass is the location of the famed Parting of the Waters where North Two Oceans Creek splits into streams that flow separately to the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. One of the most isolated spots in the lower 48-states, Two Oceans Pass has historically been a hideout for outlaws, bandits, criminal gangsters and their like as noted in Lin McLean's ''The Virginian''. Reportedly it is currently just as much of a hideout as it has ever been, its remote location and lack of "definitive evidence for criminal activity" allegedly preventing law enforcement from taking actions in the region. However, it is suspected that the actual reason is that the criminal organizations operating in the region, reportedly the Mountain Mob, Binsebal, and even certain groups connected to the Italian Mafia all of which are also rumored to have primary hideouts in the vicinity of Two Ocean's Pass. A vigilante resistance, however, reportedly, led by Bruce Lindsay and several mysterious others, aims, to some mixed degree of success, to thwart the criminal operations in the area.